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If you have kids then this is for you. It can get expensive to buy all the stuff we need for our kids. Hopefully this will help one of you with that. Good Luck!!

Improve Soccer Skills at British Soccer Camps

What was our Experience with British Soccer Camp?
My oldest daughter just got done with her British Soccer Striker Camp at The Field Sports Arena. British Soccer Camps provide boys and girls with the rare opportunity to receive high-level soccer coaching from a team of international experts. My daughter was so excited to be able to take soccer camp this summer. She went to a soccer camp for kids learning to play soccer last summer and loved it and she couldn’t wait to improve on her soccer skills this summer. My poor little girl got a fever the day before soccer camp was supposed to start. We got her to the doctor and on medicine right away. She was able to join the camp on Tuesday. When we arrived on Tuesday we were greeted by the coaches who explained to us the sign-in & sign-out process for the kids protection. Then they explained to us what she was going to be learning throughout the week. After I signed her in she ran onto the field. She was a little shy at first but I could tell she was enjoying herself. She looked forward to going to soccer every morning. My youngest daughter was feeling left out because she wanted to learn the soccer moves with the rest of the kids and her big sis. I will have to sign her up for one of these camps next year. I personally loved the way the camp was ran. The coaches were very professional. They worked one-on-one with the kids, split the group up into two groups and let all the kids play a game together at the end of every day so they could practice some of their new skills that they learned.

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