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The Oppo iLike Bluetooth Portable Wireless Headphone comes in gold or silver. It has built-in buttons for easy volume adjustments and play & pause buttons for use with your bluetooth device. These headphones are compatible with all brands of mobile phones with bluetooth. You can travel 10 meters amd still have communication between devices. You can easily switch between music and calls. Your leather pads can be rotated 90 degrees so you can easily store your iLike speed bluetooth wireless headphones.

My Experience with the iLike Speed Portable Bluetooth Headphones

iLike metalic bluetooth headphones

The first thing I loved about these speed metal bluetooth headphones are the comfort of the cushioned protein leather ear pads. When I put them on they were super comfortable and still comfortable after 1 1/2 hours of mowing they yard. I have been using these bluetooth wireless headphones for phone calls(it has built-in microphone supporting bluetooth calls), listening to music inside, for jogging(I loved not having any cords) and for listening to periscope on my phone. I think the sound quality is very good(these iLike headphones are made with real metal ear cups). Usually the treble sounds great on most headphones but not always the bass. I think the bass is very impressive in these iLike headphones. I love the gold color but I am sure I would like the black ones too. Another plus is that the battery lasted a long time(this battery lasts up to 8 hours) with little charging time. There really isn’t anything negative I can think of for these headphones. These iLike bluetooth headphones look great, sound great and fit great!! If you are in the market for headphones definitely gives these iLike headphones a try. They are great quality and not hard on the bank account.

You can buy these on Amazon Here or at their iLike Website HERE.

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