ZOOMER Zuppies Scarlet Review


Zoomer Zuppies are so adorable. These personal puppies would make any little girl happy! :-) You can choose from 4 different Zuppies. Each of the four Zoomer Zuppies has a name, style, and personality all its own. Candy is the sweet and sparkly pink Zuppy. Roxy is the funky sweet and totally upbeat Zuppy. Spot is the quirky, funny and game-playing Zuppy. Scarlet is the artsy, edgy, glam rock Zuppy. They have similar technology to their older sibling. The Zoomer Zuppies are recommended for ages 5+

Zoomer Zuppies Puppies

The Zoomer Zuppies come with: 1 Zoomer Zuppie 1 Instruction Booklet

Now its time for you to hear how these cute little Zoomer Zuppies can play with your child:

1. Multiple Sensors that enable them to play games and sense nurturing touch that increases their emotion.(The more you play the more they share)

2. Equiped with the most up to date technology.(LED matrix eyes with phototransistors on their chest that track movement and change LED formation to communicate lifelike emotions

3. 2 capactitive touch sensors on the top of their heads for different interactions and play

4. IR receivers which allows for the detection and recognition of another IR(so they can interact with each other and the original Zoomer pup)

5. Pose-able legs and rollers on its feet for bendability and kid powered movement

6. Two buttons on the back and nose are included so you can play different games, play music, put your Zoomer Zuppies in guard mode, put your Zoomer Zuppies in checking mood status and can be used to perform secret tricks.

If that isn’t already enough to make you want to get one of these for your kids I am going to share with you pictures from our experience with our very own Zoomer Zuppy. We received Scarlet for this review. Scarlet was welcomed with smiles from cheek to cheek.

Both of my girls have enjoyed playing with Scarlet but my oldest daughter kinda took over Scarlet because she has been wanting one of these forever. We do not have any dogs so this was so special to her that she could have her own personal pet.

Zoomer Zuppies Pet

Our Zoomer Zuppies Scarlet has been a lot of fun to play with. She has played games with my daughters, barked and responded very well with their touch and motion. Check out our YouTube video HERE to see how Scarlet became my daughters own personal puppy.

You can learn more about these Zoomer Zuppies HERE.

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Disclosure: This post has been compensated in the form of a product at a reduced price or for free. However all opinions are my own from my own experience. Your experience may be different.

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