How to Find the Perfect Homecoming Dress

There are a few very special occasions in a woman’s life where she gets to dress up and be the belle of the ball. Homecoming is often the first of these occasions, so it’s important to find the perfect dress for the event. While you might automatically associate homecoming dresses with prom dresses, there are some subtle differences. A homecoming dress should look a bit less mature and more modest than a prom dress. Homecoming dances are often less formal than prom, so you’ll want to make sure your girl is dressed for the occasion.

Choosing the perfect homecoming dress for your child can be a bit overwhelming. You’re helping to dress your little girl for one of the first sophisticated events in her life. You’ll want to see your little girl all dressed up, but not looking too mature. To help set you on the right path, we sat down with JJsHouse designer, Jessica, who has all the trendiest tips for finding the perfect homecoming dress.

Striking a Balance

Finding the perfect homecoming dress is all about striking a balance. The dress needs to conform to the school’s dress codes. It also needs to match the event’s level of formality. So, before you get hung up on the rest of the details of the dress, check with the school to find out if there are any dress types to rule out and make sure you know how formal the event is supposed to be.

Choosing a Color

One of the easiest ways to find a color that looks good on you is to match it with your skin tone. To determine whether you have a warm or cool skin tone, look at the veins in your arm. If they appear greenish, your skin tone is warm. If they look blue or purplish, your skin tone is cool.

Some colors that look best with warm skin tones include gold, coral, red and fuschia. Colors that pair well with a cool skin tone include purple, blue, green and silver.

If you’re going to the dance with a date, you may want to consider coordinating colors with his attire. Discuss the colors you both like and choose to add matching accents or accessories or match the overall color scheme of both outfits.

The Right Cut for Your Body

Finding the perfect dress is most importantly a matter of finding the right cut for your body type. If you have a full figure, look for dresses that are flowy while accentuating your curves. If you have broad shoulders, try some A-line dresses with wide straps. If you’re on the shorter side, go for an empire-waist dress, which will help you look taller.

Jessica’s last piece of advice is to have fun and go with a dress that matches your own unique style. A homecoming dress should make you feel comfortable and beautiful, so look for something that you’re drawn to and make sure you can move around in it easily so that you can really enjoy your special evening.

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