Practice Spirituality in All Things

Compartmentalized to Full Integration

See, the thing about spirituality is that it is not just one part of our lives. Well, at least, it shouldn’t be just one part of our lives.

Think about it, spirituality is something that is all-encompassing. It is the core of our being, it is in the world around us, it is in us, it is the world. Oftentimes we place spirituality in a box.

We might think consciously or subconsciously that spirituality is just one part of us. As if it is something that we take part in once a day for thirty minutes through our mediation or through some other sort of practice.

If we treat spirituality like that we end up robbing ourselves of the full tree of spirituality, we isolate ourselves from all that spirituality has to offer.

It’s like we have an ice cream cone but only enjoy the top and discard the cone. If we practice spirituality in bite-size pieces we only enjoy just a portion of what it has to offer.

Our lives can still be hectic and feel long and drawn out, leaving us with a sense of lethargy and emptiness.

We wonder why we still experience frustration and a lack of peace even when are practicing just a little bit of spirituality.

It is quite likely that the tiny bit that you are practicing is what is keeping you together but our goal here is to go from “keeping it together” to elevating our lives. This is why we suggest that it is important to go from the bite-size spirituality practice to the full course meal, the full integration of spirituality in our day to day life.

 The shift

So what does the transition look like?

Well, it looks a little something like this. From a larger standpoint, we have our mental health, our physical health and our purpose or our current jobs.

If we were to dig deep, we would find that our mental health is dictated by a variety of things. It is tied to our time of relaxation and comfort, it is tied to our stress at home and at work and it is tied to our thoughts and desires as well.

We then move to our physical health. If we neglect our physical health, we reduce our potential energy. We may suffer from a variety of issues that drag us down from many views.  Diseases like diabetes and obesity drag us down from an energy standpoint and from a financial standpoint as well. Medicines are not cheap these days!

Spirituality practiced on a daily basis means that we are practicing self-care in all things and optimizing for our energy. Our routines would see a gradual change from that of, say sitting in front of the TV to reading a book.

From living in a sedentary manner to living a more active life. This leads us to our next huge segment, our jobs.

The WorkPlace

The workplace is where we spend more 50% of our lives. Think about that for a second, a majority of our lives is spent in some sort of work.

This means that it would help us to love our work. If we don’t love our work we are disturbed inside and we compensate by indulging in activities that may not be the best for our health.

It is up to us to understand this and be aware of it and then take action. This doesn’t mean up and leaving your job. No. This means that you will take action each day to improve your current job situation and then progressing forward to better or other opportunities.

One way to improve your current workplace setting is to have better furniture at work. This helps us to get organized and work more effectively. This will help us to take less work home and be able to focus on improving our lives by exercising, eating better and spending time in meditation and contemplation.

Remember, a key part of your life is your work. Improve it. Get your #2018OfficeHoroscope on and tap into the better state of peace and tranquility.

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