How to Make Your Apartment Seem Bigger Than It Is

With rent prices hiking up, and nuclear families getting smaller and smaller, more people are looking at small apartments as a place to call home.  Unfortunately, small apartments can leave renters feeling cramped or trapped.  This problem doesn’t have to be the case with every apartment, though!  Here are some tips to help you give that small apartment a second chance.

Color Creates Depth

Everyone who’s ever tried to create space where there is none has heard of painting their walls light colors.  Almost every apartment already has white walls or has a policy so that you can’t change the color of the walls, so this doesn’t help everyone.

Instead of using light colors in that way, consider using more light colors in your furniture and art on your walls.  A large black leather couch is going to fill up space and suck any spare room out of it.  If you can replace your furniture, go for smaller lighter pieces that are closer to the ground and have bare legs instead of a covering.  

Mirrors Are Classic

Although this is another old tip, it still holds its own when it comes to adding the illusion of space in any room.  When picking a mirror, look into one that’s taller instead of wider.  If you can, consider a trail feature of smaller mirrors.  By having them reach upward, this helps make your ceiling look higher, and can work to trick the mind into seeing more space where there is none.

If a mirror can’t make your home look more substantial, maybe it is time to start looking at Madison houses for sale instead.  Some spaces are too small for people to live comfortably in, and it’s okay to admit that.

Declutter Everything

Clutter kills space.  Not only does it suck up dust and create a claustrophobic feeling, but it can also make an already small area feel infinitesimal.  You can create storage, and build space by using furniture that’s shorter to the wall and doubles as storage.  An example of this would be a window bench that has room beneath, or a wall-less bookshelf to hold things that you don’t want to give away or sell.

Keep Furniture Away From Walls

I understand that this may confuse some people since it should feel like an obvious mistake.  People think if they use up every spare square inch that the space in the center of a room will seem more significant- but the center of a place isn’t where people’s eyes rest when they walk in.  If there is space behind furniture like couches and chairs, this will give the illusion that the room was too large for the layout you wanted.  Although most people won’t think that, their minds will subconsciously tell them that’s what’s happening.

Pull your furniture at least a foot or two away from walls, and space them a little from each other as well.  If you don’t have the space to pull them away from walls, your furniture may be oversized for your living situation.

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