Boost Your Internet Speed with these Tips

Are you suffering because of low internet speeds? Whether you have interference from different wire signals, slower technologies, are using old hardware, or have too many devices on one network, there are several reasons why your internet is slower than it ought to be.

Here are a few tips that can help increase your internet speed.

  • Turn Off Unused Devices Connected to the Internet

Such devices sip only a small amount of bandwidth. But if you have several smart devices such as phones, smart TVs, tablets, and computers all sharing your home network, that data usage, when combined, can reduce the available bandwidth. Besides, even though you may assume the devices are sitting idle if they’re still on, chances are they might be consuming your data. Presently, many devices are set to download as well as install available updates automatically. And as long as they’re on, they’ll draw a lot of bandwidth without you knowing, especially when installing firmware updates.

As such, shutting down the extra devices that are always on will help free up some of your bandwidth, and may even resolve buffering issues.

  • Block Ads

Today, everywhere you click online, there are myriads of auto-played videos, ads, pictures, and GIFs. Even though you might not mind watching some of that content, your internet connection most definitely does. Such media displays slow down your connection and consume data. The best thing sometimes is to find a good ad-blocker that will simply shut down those auto-play videos.

  • Install a Virus Scanner

If you don’t already have one, a malware or virus scanner comes highly recommended. If your device has any viruses, it will probably drag on the internet speed. Besides, installing a protection software is mandatory if you want your devices to perform optimally.

Once you identify some good software, you need to automatically set it to scan for malware and viruses regularly. Most software can remove any detected viruses while others require a technician to do it. This is one way of sorting out slow internet speeds.

  • Remove Router Obstructions

Are there objects such as glass, bricks, or lots of walls and floors between your router and devices? Despite your Wi-Fi connection, poor placement or obstructions of your wireless router can significantly.

Interfere with and weaken the signal strength. What you need to do is ensure that your router is in a centralized location where all rooms can have better signal access. Also, remove as many obstructions as you can to enhance the connection speed. If all this doesn’t work, you can try and switch the router location to see which spot works best. In addition, avoid placing your router in areas with lots of metal appliances and windows.

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