Fujifilm FinePix AX655 Digital Camera Review!

I got this camera from my hubby for my birthday! I was so impressed with it that I decided to do a review on it!

New Camera

In the box was the Fujifilm FinePix Digital Camera, Manual, CD with software,USB cable for connecting, batteries and a hand wrist strap. I also got a bonus that was a coupon for 100 4″x6″ Prints at Walmart. The Fujifilm FinePix AX655 16M Digital Camera is loaded with a lot of great features. This camera has a 5X Optical Zoom,16 Megapixels, 2.7 LCD with TFT to make it easier to frame your shot, impressive HD Movie recording, built in flash to make the photo brighter and the ability to take great quality photos close or far away that can be uploaded in JPEG format to a PC or Mac.

I have not had the Fujifilm FinePix Digital camera very long but I have loved using it. I think it takes very sharp and clear pictures. I tried the video recording and was impressed with the fact that I was able to record my kids in 1080. The Fujifilm Finepix Digital Camera is very compact and lightweight which made it easy to put in my purse and take with me wherever I went(although I wish it at least came with a soft carry case).

Here are a few examples of the pictures I took with the camera. My two favorite features are Panorama and the 2Image Shot! Panorama With this feature you click the button to take the photo and keep the camera still. On the screen it shows you where you need to move the camera to line up the 2nd photo then you keep the camera still until it shows you where to move the camera again until the last photo is taken. Then the camera puts the photo shots together to create the long panorama photo. I took this shot while we were visiting Montana! I will be posting about our Montana adventure soon! Montana View 2

2Image Shot With this feature you just click the button to take the picture and it automatically takes a photo without the flash and then a second photo with the flash. I took these shots inside the house of some flowers I received from my husband. With these flower pictures the one with the flash was the best one but I have found that some photos look better without the flash so I usually take pictures with this feature and then look back through them and delete either the one with or the one without the flash depending on which one looked better.

2 image flowers

FEATURES ON THE FUJIFILM FINEPIX AX655 DIGITAL CAMERA: • Top of camera   * On/Off button   * Shutter button(to take photos) • Bottom of camera   * Tripod Mount   * Access door for SD card and batteries   * Speaker •Right side of camera   * USB Port • Front of camera   * Microphone   * Flash   * 5X zoom Lens w/sliding cover • Back of camera   * LCD Screen   * Zoom In, Zoom Out Button   * Display Button(information displayed)   * Playback Button(look at pictures and watch videos)   * Selector buttons(Move cursor left,right, up or down)   *Shooting,Playback and Setup Options buttons:     + Macro(Take photos of close up objects)     + Self-Timer(Reduces blur and used for self portraits)     + Flash(Brighter photos)     + Exposure Compensation(for extreme scenes either very bright or very bright     or high contrast objects)

The Shooting Menu button on the camera gives you the following options: • Shooting Mode   * Scene Recognition Auto, Auto,   * P Mode(where you can make changes while half-pressing the shutter button)   * HD Movie REcord with sound(1280,640,320)   * 2 Image Shot(where you can click the shutter button and it will take 2 photos.   One with flash and one without)   * Natural(without flash)   * Portrait(soft tone)   * Baby Mode(Natural skin tone without flash)   * Smile and shoot(detects a smile and will take photo automatically)   * Landscape(for scenic photos)   * Panorama(takes three photos or less so you can get the whole scene)   * Sport(better movement photo)   * Night(reduces camera shake with better night scenery shots)   * Night Tripod(clear shots with slow shutter speed)   * Fireworks(vivid photos with slow shutter speed)   * Sunset(makes colors more vivid)   * Snow(for winter photos)   * Beach(clear shots for beach time)   * Party(indoor photos)   * Flowers(vivid colors for flowers)   * Text(clearer shots of words) • ISO(Auto,3200S,1600,800,400,200,100)(for photos taken in lighter or darker scenes) • Image Size(4:3,3:2,16:9 in S,M,L) • Image Quality(Fine or Normal) • FinePixCOLOR(Standard or Black & White) • White Balance(Auto, Fine, Shade, Florescent Light 1,2 & 3, Incandescent) • Continuous(top 3 or Off) • Face Detection(On or Off) • Auto Focus Mode(Center or Tracking) • Panorama Mode(Manual,Auto)

The Playback Menu button on the camera gives you the following options: • Photobook Assist to store photos in separate book files. • Image Search by date, face, favorites, scene, type of data or by Upload Mark • Erase • Mark For Upload to YouTube or Facebook(also reset link) • Slideshow with different options for viewing • Protect Frame(set or reset link)

I am very happy with this purchase I have used it for a few months now and I have no complaints. This camera has taken some amazing photos for me to keep as memories and to share with my little girls when they get older.

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