5 Things You Can Do with Your Wi-Fi Router

There are several things we can do with a wireless connection. For many, however, the things that they actually use their Wi-Fi for are just a fraction of all the opportunities it presents. Here are five activities that your home Wi-Fi router can allow you to do:

  • Create Internet Curfews

Despite your best efforts as a parent or guardian, you may still be unable to get your kids to put down their devices when it’s time for bed. A Wi-Fi connection can make this easy for you as it allows you to place an internet curfew that closes the connection to their devices at certain times. You’ll find this function quite convenient because you can still keep using your gadgets while theirs is blocked.

  • Block Websites

Controlling what your children do on their devices may be even harder than getting them to stick to their bedtime. There are lots of inappropriate sites online that can expose your young ones to immoral content or bad influence. A router enables you to block such websites so that they are inaccessible from the devices your kids use.

  • Control Home Appliances

Remote controlled home appliances, like the Ozeri ultra wind fan, make house chores easier. Imagine not having to get out of bed in the morning to make your cup of coffee. This is now possible with smart coffee makers that allow you to control them from your smartphone through a Wi-Fi connection. You can remotely start the coffee maker, program heat settings, and have it stop when your favorite morning drink is ready.

Other appliances that you can operate similarly include thermostats and washing machines.

  • Improve Home Security

Keeping your home safe has gotten better with smart security technologies such as smart doorbells, cameras, and motion sensors. These can all be added to your wireless network to send real-time updates about any intruders or suspicious movements on your property.

  • Set Up a Guest network

It’s common knowledge that you can create a password-protected network for use in your house. This keeps outsiders from consuming your data without permission. Many users may, however, not know that they can create a separate access account for guests. You can also assign it a password, or leave it unprotected.

If you have not been making the most out of your Wi-Fi, then it’s time to try some of these activities. In addition, if you love smart house devices such as robot vacuums that will make work easier around your home, then you’ll love the possibilities that your home Wi-Fi router presents.

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